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Charmaine Clamor
Something Good

1. Every Single Moment [mp3]
2. Doodlin' in Taglish [mp3]
3. Something Good [mp3]
4. Feelin' Stevie [mp3]
5. Motherless Ili Ili [mp3]
6. Let's Take A Trip [mp3]
7. Flow [mp3]
8. Maalaala Mo Kaya [mp3]
9. Ikaw [mp3]
10. Sweet Spot [mp3]
11. The Farther You Go [mp3]
12. Believe in Love [mp3]
13. Bonus Track: Breakfast with Bubba [mp3]

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Charmaine Clamor
My Harana: A Filipino Serenade

1. Aking Bituin [mp3]
2. Pakiusap
3. Mekeni King Siping Ku [mp3]
4. Pamulinawen [mp3]
5. Lahat ng Araw [mp3]
6. Minamahal, Sinasamba
7. Ay Kalisud [mp3]
8. Malinac Lay Labi
9. Dungawin Mo Hirang
10. Matud Nila [mp3]
11. Harana sa Dilim [mp3]
12. Labis
The creator of "jazzipino" returns to her homeland in this collection of sublime serenades. Singing in 8 languages and dialects of the Philippines, Charmaine honors the ancient tradition of harana -- romantic courtship expressed through music. Normally performed exclusively by men (camped beneath a lady's window), Charmaine is the first female to record these sacred songs, and the first artist to share these Filipino treasures with the rest of the world.
"My Harana: A Filipino Serenade is the quintessential wistful collection of moonlit romances. Ms Clamor's diversity in craft and expression makes her one of very few that could deliver such a project. This young woman again proves to the industry that she is a polished performer who is on course for a titanic career of iconic measures." -- Karl Stober, JAZZ TRENZZ
“Super-model looks probably won't hurt her career but she's by no stretch of the imagination 'just another pretty face.' Possessing a profoundly resonant contralto voice, her recording has an emotional depth missing from much contemporary vocal jazz. Clamor is the real deal.” -- Bill Barton, CODA
"Clamor's intimate, timeless 'jazzipino' vocal lifts the listener to a relaxed cafe in a foreign land. If you’re up for a world-jazz cultural and educational seduction, ‘My Harana’ is a must have." -- Gordon Murray, RADIO & RECORDS
“Gorgeous. The instrumentation is spare — guitars (and such), bass, Filipino percussion — Charmaine’s singing is evocative, sensual. The duet with vocalist Mon David is almost spooky. Wonderful stuff — even the non-Pinays dig it.” -- Brick Wahl, LA WEEKLY
“In Charmaine’s voice is the sound of sentiment and passion. She is an incredible jazz singer whose American upbringing and love for the music makes her perfect to be an influence on the next wave of singers. ‘My Harana’ is a great album.” -- John Book, RUN-OFF GROOVE
"Charmaine Clamor, in all her beauty of face and voice, is the haranista for most of the songs, and the listener is positioned at the open window–a window one should say, destined to stay open wide for more than one night." -- Bob Gish, JAZZ IMPROV
"Charmaine's brilliantly eclectic singing underscores her growing status as one of the important and original new jazz singers of the decade.” -- Don Heckman, LOS ANGELES TIMES, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF MUSIC
“She has fire and sincerity in her delivery. Charmaine is something different: Impressive, tasteful and energetic." -- Andy Bey
“A shining new star on the jazz horizon. Charmaine Clamor can arguably lay claim to the title of America's Leading Filipina Jazz Vocalist.” -- Jerry Ough, CALIFORNIA EXAMINER
"Her voice is genuine and her timbre shimmers with fragrant beauty. I do not speak Filipino, so the lyrics are lost on me. But you sense instantly what Clamor is singing about, and you realize she is a gorgeous singer. She's that good." -- Marc Myer, JAZZWAX

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Charmaine Clamor
Flippin' Out

1. My Funny Brown Pinay [mp3]
2. I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You
3. Candy
4. With Or Without You [mp3]
5. Sugar In My Bowl [mp3]
6. Panahon Na/Hindi Kita Malimot [mp3]
7. Usahay
8. Minamahal Kita [mp3]
9. Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan [mp3]
10. Dahil Sa'Yo [mp3]
11. I Need A Lot Of Love [mp3]
12. Be My Love

Backed by three members of the Grammy-nominated Tierney Sutton Trio (Christian Jacob, Trey Henry, Ray Brinker), Charmaine Clamor melds American jazz, blues, and soul with traditional Filipino folk music, creating a new hybrid genre she calls “jazzipino.” Flippin’ Out features Filipino guest artists like Julius Tolentino (Sharp Nine), Ric Ickard (Naxos), and the Hawaiian ukulele master Abe Lagrimas, Jr., as well as the ancient Filipino percussion ensemble called the kulintang. It’s “world” music for jazz listeners.

"This Filipina jazz singer exhibits a very pure talent. The ability to express much more than just a tune is unique. Clamor sings to times, feelings, and purpose. A superb performance from a multi-talented gem!" -- Karl Stober, EJAZZ NEWS
"Charmaine Clamor’s 'Flippin’ Out' is a record filled with fresh tracks that typify jazz, R & B and blues all in one superb grouping. Fans of all of these types of music will be flipping out over this album, which sets Clamor up as a force to be reckoned with in several musical genres." -- Sari Kent, CELEBRITYCAFE.com
"Against spare and tasteful arrangements led by pianist Christian Jacob, Filipina diva Charmaine Clamor ventures into jazz, world and blues territories while occasionally toggling between American and her native tongue. She effectively integrates Filipino folk melodies into the jazz vernacular. She conveys a pleasing intimacy then shows a bit of spunk." -- Glenn Astarita, ALL ABOUT JAZZ
"Her music is a perfect bridge of two cultures, done with a passion that can be heard in a voice that should be experienced in every jazz venue across the nation, if not the world. Clamor is an asset to jazz music, and a contributor to the continued traditions of women in jazz." -- John Book, MUSIC FOR AMERICA
"Charmaine Clamor is one of the most interesting vocalists to come across my desk in a long time." -- Lise Avery, ANYTHING GOES
"Clamor's debut album, Searching for the Soul, was well received by music critics. Success has made Clamor confident and even more ambitious. Her second CD, Flippin' Out, is a daring and innovative gift to the world. She sings in English and Tagalog, a first for the jazz world. She has always dreamed of combining American jazz and blues with traditional Filipino folk music, creating a new hybrid she calls 'jazzipino.' If anyone can pull off this radical idea, it will be Clamor." -- Myrna Daniels, LA JAZZ SCENE
"She's the first Filipina that we've come across on the jazz scene and she makes a strong, positive statement. Charmaine has a wonderfully rich, deep voice. She does an excellent job singing the blues on "Sugar In My Bowl" and "With Or Without You" reminded us of Cassandra Wilson. But Clamor has her own vocal signature." -- D. Oscar Groomes, O's PLACE JAZZ NEWS
"Charmaine Clamor’s performance is stupefying and daring and makes a profound and lasting impression on the listener’s mind." -- Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez, JAZZREVIEW.COM
"Words fail when attempting to introduce music lovers to the new experience Charmaine Clamor offers here. She is beautiful, gifted, sensitive, seductive, and one of the most exciting performers to come around in years. This CD is a must for all music lovers of all genres. It is simply terrific!" -- Grady Harp, Top 10 Reviewer, AMAZON.COM
"Flippin' Out is a fluid nod both to Clamor's jazz chops and to her Filipino heritage. It's quite a recording, as she moves effortlessly between the ultrasensuous and the ultrarhythmic, between smoke and fire." -- Duncan Christy, Delta SKY
"Her voice is alluring throughout. This lady sure takes chances, which is always good for an artist and her audience." -- George Harris, JAZZWEEKLY
"This album marks further proof that Clamor will be the first great Filipina jazz singer. Flippin' Out is a mold-shattering breakthrough that will be claimed a classic in years to come." -- A. Scott Galloway, URBAN NETWORK
"Charmaine Clamor spins a web of magic every time she sings. Her expressive voice lets the words breathe and throb as she captures the essence of the lyrics and brings them to life. It matters little whether she is singing jazz, blues, pop, or songs from her native Philippines, she takes each one and makes them her own. Clamor is one of the finest singers to come around in a long time." -- Jerry D'Souza, ALL ABOUT JAZZ
"That Filipino-American singer Charmaine Clamor is as drop-dead gorgeous as Nancy Wilson or Lena Horne is a nice bonus, but is beside the point. What really matters is that Clamor vocally resembles an amalgam of Wilson and Horne, a sumptuously elegant blend of silk and satin, trimmed with gutsy self-possession...Clamor establishes herself as a dynamic new compass point in world music." -- Christopher Loudon, JAZZ TIMES
“The important news: Clamor can sing anything. Her ballads are exquisite; her mid-tempo tunes really swing; her blues will light your fire. Her voice is warm and sultry, her phrasing total perfection. This lady has the talent to be a major star.” -- Ric Bang, DAVIS (CA) ENTERPRISE
“Clamor has a warm voice and is coolly emotional and flexible enough to handle a variety of material. With any luck, her fame will reach well beyond Los Angeles and the Philippines to many points in between.” -- Scott Yanow, JAZZIZ

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Charmaine Clamor
Searching For The Soul

1. Come Sunday [mp3]
2. My Romance [mp3]
3. Since I Fell for You [mp3]
4. I'm in the Mood for Love
5. The Very Thought of You/Tenderly [mp3]
6. Neither One of Us
7. It Don't Mean A Thing [mp3]
8. I Live to Love You
9. Remember
10. You and I [mp3]
11. You'll Never Know
12. Please Send Me Someone To Love [mp3]
13. The Nearness of You

Charmaine Clamor boasts a singular contralto that combines classic Great American Songbook jazz with torch song drama and soulful R&B inflections. With her warm, sexy vocals and vibrant stage presence developed from her work with the renowned harmony ensemble Crescendo, she is a talent to watch. And hear!

"Jazz singers beware: there's a new jazz singer on the scene. And she's ready! What I really like about Charmaine is that she can be whisper-soft, grippingly forceful, earthy, romantic and soulful. Charmaine's vocalism is amazing. This album should be nominated for a Grammy.... and win! SEARCHING FOR THE SOUL is the title of Charmaine's debut album. But from my perspective she's found it within her own soul, and reveals its self through her extraordinarily appealing voice." -- Ron Sagye LaRue, JAZZ NEWS
"Blessed with a 'bedroom eyes' voice, Charmaine Clamor has put out a lovely and eclectic collection...Clamor proves she is able to handle the standards with aplomb. The jewels of 'Searching for the Soul,' however, are the originals. Charmaine Clamor could shake the world with originals like these. In a musical world filled with canaries, we beg Clamor for more new material." -- George Harris, ALL ABOUT JAZZ
"She has a sultry smooth alto voice. Very dynamic, with a lot of soul. She pours her heart out." -- Bob Comden, LA JAZZ SCENE
"Charmaine literally 'breathes love' into age-old standards. You feel the lyrics. She makes you want to be in love if you're not already." -- JAZZ NEWS
"With her deep, contralto voice, Charmaine Clamor interprets standards with the kind of sincere feeling that sends a message along the straight and narrow without detour. You're left with no doubts. She's forthright, convincing and talented." -- Jim Santella, LA JAZZ SCENE
"'Searching for the Soul' is one of the very best 'jazz for slow-dancin'and romancin' for the wee hours' CDs ever recorded. 'Soulful' is how many callers described her when I debuted her on my radio show. Her selection and interpretation of tunes is impeccable. Charmaine sings with enormous warmth, intimacy and sensuality." -- Fritz the Nite Owl, WJZA, Columbus, OH.
"When Charmaine Clamor's warm, luscious contralto slips into a rhythmically seductive version of "I'm in the Mood for Love" or purrs through the tender lyrics of "The Very Thought of You," there's no doubt that a first-rate jazz talent is present. Her first album, "Searching for the Soul" (2005), announced the arrival of an impressive new vocal artist who worked her magic with material including Duke Ellington's "Come Sunday," Percy Mayfield's "Please Send Me Someone to Love," Rodgers and Hart's "My Romance" and Gordon and Warren's "You'll Never Know." -- Don Heckman, LOS ANGELES TIMES

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Mon David
Coming True

1. Footprints [mp3]
2. Invitation
3. Throw It Away [mp3]
4. Only Once
5. Some Other Time [mp3]
6. There Is No Greater Love
7. Moonlight
8. Moonlight Serenade [mp3]
9. No More Blues [mp3]
10. Kailangan 'Yan
11. Never Let Me Go

In 2006, an acclaimed Filipino musician, the longtime drummer in a popular Philippines pop group but unknown outside his native country, entered the London International Jazz Vocal competition, where jazz singers from dozens of nations attempted to wow the judges and put their country on the musical map. After listening to hundreds of performances, the decision was unanimous: the champion was the unheralded Filipino, Mon David. With his debut American recording, Coming True, a tribute to where he's been and where he's at, Mon David [pronounced MOAN da-VEED] joins the ranks of the world's finest male vocalists. Featuring a blazing trio led by Filipino piano virtuoso Tateng Katindig and special guests Justo Almario and David's "jazzipino" sister Charmaine Clamor, this swinging and heartfelt recording demonstrates that, despite all odds, Mon David's musical dreams are Coming True.

“The Filipino singer Mon David is that rarity: a male jazz vocal artist with a distinctly original style of his own. He has a remarkable voice able to leap octaves in a single bound. Combined with a world class scat singing style, he’s establishing himself as a jazz talent with a big future.” -- Don Heckman, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF MUSIC
“A major jazz vocalist who can sing any type of music with credibility, creativity, heartfelt emotions, and wit.” -- Scott Yanow, LA JAZZ SCENE
“He is all heart. Brilliant! Simply brilliant.” – Bubba Jackson, KKJZ, 88.1FM
“Mon David is the finest jazz vocalist the Philippines has ever produced. I am proud and humbled to call him my colleague, collaborator, and friend.” – Charmaine Clamor
“Let me add my heartfelt praise for Mon's work. His technique is impeccable, yet he has emotional conviction, a brilliant combination that not many singers have today. I think he has a long and wonderful adventure ahead of him here in the United States, and elsewhere in the world.” – Dianne Schuur
“A tremendous talent with a style so refreshing and affecting, his jazz feel so right-on, with a vocal technique that is ingenious, swinging, daring in places, cool in others.” – Brick Wahl, LA WEEKLY
“Mon David has come ashore with an impressive and electrifying U.S. debut. He’s a world-class singer here to stay.” – Edward Blanco, EJAZZ NEWS
"At each turn, Filipino vocalist Mon David surpises me. [It's] a wondrous, thrill-filled, chance-taking audio experience. You'll be glad you came along for the ride." -- Dan Singer, IN TUNE INTERNATIONAL (U.K)
"Blessed with a rich voice, David is a well-rounded jazz vocalist, and even shows some finesse on acoustic guitar. While “True” certainly leans towards jazz’s straight-ahead mainstream, David’s Jazzipino touches give it a distinctive sound. It is a stylish recording that casual jazz listeners will find quite accessible." -- Joe Bendel, EPOCH TIMES
"Filipino-American vocalist Mon David should be a pleasant discovery for those who have been seeking a new champion of male jazz singers in a female-dominated world. For someone who is a relative unknown across the U.S., this is a surprising and enjoyable recording, no doubt a successful outing...Coming True comes easily recommended." -- Michael G. Nastos, ALL MUSIC GUIDE
"Every once in a rare while a singer arrives clear out of the blue and knocks you out. Such a revelation is Mon David." -- Christopher Loudon, JAZZ TIMES
"Mon David is a fine addition to the small ranks of hard-swinging male jazz singers, someone who goes after this music with a lot of enthusiasm and talent." -- Jerome Wilson, CADENCE
"David is a breath of fresh air in the world of vocal jazz." -- Ric Bang, DAVIS (CA) ENTERPRISE
"His leaps into the upper range and emotional conviction are stunning — just listen to “Throw it Away”, or his jazz chops on “Invitation” or the Latin version of “Moonlight Serenade”. If you are after a new male jazz singer we recommend you listen to this CD." -- Don Albert, FINANCIAL MAIL (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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Linda Hopkins
Living Legend LIVE!

1. Let The Good Times Roll [mp3]
2. Down Home Blues [mp3]
3. Drown In My Own Tears [mp3]
4. Steppin' Out [mp3]
5. Evil Gal [mp3]
6. Deep In The Night
7. Stormy Monday [mp3]
8. Black Drawers [mp3]
9. Georgia On My Mind [mp3]
10. encore introduction
11. Every Day I Have The Blues [mp3]

On her 82nd birthday (December 14), the Tony-award winning living legend of the blues releases her first album in more than 25 years. Captured live in concert at Hollywood's famed Catalina Bar & Grill Jazz Club, Linda Hopkins: Living Legend Live! is an astonishing historic record, vibrant proof that we can't help getting older... but we never have to grow old.

"After listening to Linda's take on "Let The Good Times Roll" the first word that came to my mind was "wow"! How can anybody who has more than 80 years old can sing like that!? Linda is a treasure and her singing brings smile to people's faces. Really great vocalist. With a tight band she has recorded a stellar album, one with truly audiophile sound quality!" -- Przemek Draheim, LIVING BLUES, Poland
"Maybe it's just us, but we get a kick out of these 80 year old broads that still have the gumption and fire to come roaring back without embarrassing themselves and serve it up like they haven't given an inch. A blues belting tour de force, Hopkins was celebrating her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when she stepped up to the mic to let the good time roll. This is a stop to make if you have a taste for the classic belters that won't let you down." -- Chris Spector, MIDWEST RECORD RECAP
"She shakes the very foundation of LA’s premier jazz club with her deep-felt delivery, telling the stories and expressing each theme with convincing authority. Along with her four accompanists, she’s on fire. She tells you where to meet her, what to wear, who to bring and what’s gonna happen. It doesn’t get much better than this." -- Jim Santella, ALL ABOUT JAZZ
"Linda Hopkins was born to be an entertainer and she's been doing that most of her 81+ years. She comes alive on stage, her smile and spirit infectious as she rouses her audience to join her on this blues journey. She's simply sensational." -- Myrna Daniels, LA JAZZ SCENE
"This remarkable artist displays the vitality and enthusiasm that brought her Broadway plaudits and has ensured her retention of star status at an age when many would have called it a day. Linda has not only survived, she has retained all of her command and stage presence." -- Bruce Crowther, SWING2BOP.com
"Hopkins progresses from rollicking to racy, sinful to solemn, proving herself worthy of her idol Bessie Smith. Great artist, great album, 'nuff said." -- Christopher Loudon, JAZZ TIMES
"At 81, Hopkins still has stage presence to spare. 'The Kid' is clearly enjoying the winter of her career." -- Frank-John Hadley, DOWNBEAT
"Here’s a singer that had everything going for her on the night of her recording. The club patrons loved Linda Hopkins with a passion and the band could not have been a more sympathetic match to the singer’s ample pipes. One would never guess this artist’s vintage merely by listening to her vigorous performance of ten classic blues and pop standards. The Living Legend Live gets our highest recommendation. Play it at your next party!" -- Richard Bourcier, JAZZREVIEW.com
"Her range is astonishingly wide, and her effervescent personality undiminished. Hopkins remains a commanding, at times risque, interpreter of the blues." -- Lee Hildebrand, LIVING BLUES MAGAZINE

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Michael Konik
There'll Be Some Changes Made

1. There'll Be Some Changes Made [mp3]
2. At Long Last Love [mp3]
3. P.S. I Love You [mp3]
4. Call Me Irresponsible
5. I'm Confessin'
6. The Coffee Song [mp3]
7. Hadn't Anyone 'til You [mp3]
8. Change Partners
9. Nobody Else But Me
10. Couldn't Sleep A Wink [mp3]
11. All I Need Is The Girl [mp3]
12. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
13. Until I Met You
14. Every Time We Say Goodbye
15. I'm Confessin' (1930s Mix)

Songs of love and regret. Whiskey and wisdom. The infectious pulse of a bass guitar. The ringing cries of a piano. The textured rhythm of a set of drums. The will to swing. This thing we variously call "jazz standards," "lounge music," "bluesy-laid-back-toe-tapping-head-nodding-torchy-mmm-hmmm singing" - it's the harmonic expression of life. Of what it means to be alive and sentient.

"There'll Be Some Changes Made is a collection of unexpected gems, many of them seldom heard on other recordings. Mr. Konik clearly has taste, style, and a hell of a smooth voice." -- JAZZ TIMES
"Michael Konik's vocal style is reminiscent of a time past, when prominent male vocalists were regularly featured on the airways, television, and many Las Vegas and other major live performance venues. Presented with pizazz, his vocals are anything but casual. He sells the song's message with emotion, intensity, and excellent articulation that makes every word of the lyrics clear as a bell. Konik knows his music, knows where the songs came from and who did them before, but he is his own man with styling and arrangements. A consummate in-person performer, he has an outgoing personality and energy that reaches out of this CD to the listener." -- Harvey Barkan, LA JAZZ SCENE

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Mark Winkler
Till I Get It Right

1. Till I Get It Right [mp3]
2. How Can That Make You Fat? [mp3]
3. Cool (duet with Cheryl Bentyne) [mp3]
4. Spring Is Where You Are
5. lowercase [mp3]
6. Sissies [mp3]
7. In A Lonely Place [mp3]
8. In The Moment
9. Evolution
10. How To Pack A Suitcase
11. Future Street
12. You Might As Well Live [mp3]
A seasoned male jazz vocalist who scorns the Great American Songbook in favor of...originals? Acclaimed singer and lyricist Mark Winkler (recorded by Dianne Reeves, David Benoit, Joe Sample, Wayne Shorter) shares his best songs, culled from his collaborations with Mike Melvoin, Dan Seigel, and Joshua Redman, as well as his hit Off-Broadway jazz musical “Play it Cool." Backed by some of the jazz world’s most respected names – Anthony Wilson, Bob Sheppard, and Cheryl Bentyne all guest – Winkler proves that this thing we call “the jazz standard” is alive and well. On his 9th album, and his first American release since 2003’s “Mark Winkler Sings Bobby Troup,” Mark Winkler gets it right. Liner notes by Mark Murphy!
“Wink gets it right! I mean, from the opening, title song, you know he’s on. But don’t give up – there is a gamut to be run. I’d play the whole CD if I were you. With a little help from his friends, Mark comes up with twelve good ones. Great singing, too.” -- BOB DOROUGH
“Winkler’s ‘In a Lonely Place’ is a reminder that classic, American songbook type tunes are still being written.” -- Don Heckman, LA TIMES
“Singer-songwriter Mark Winkler is the perfect combination of Randy Newman’s casually hewn swagger and Michael Feinstein’s sleek jazz glides. Winkler’s lyrics can be as poetically versed as a Robert Frost poem or as blunt as a best friend’s words who is looking out for your best interest. With all original tracks, the album has a flesh and blood feel to it, like these tunes were not imagined but actually lived in and all a part of someone’s private journal.” – Susan Frances, JAZZ REVIEW
“Winkler lays it out so pretty, so smooth...witty and straight no matter what! Buy this record, write Mark a letter of thanks, pour another drink... and play it again and again.” -- MARK MURPHY
“This outing finds Winkler tackling a set of originals that sound like classics, as he slyly moves male jazz vocal forward as an idiom and tries to get himself some Cole Porter type real estate in the mix. If you want to have a good time, just check this out and let Winkler work his magic once again.” -– Chris Spector, MIDWEST RECORD REVIEW
“His original tunes already sound like standards...Winkler is destined to become an important American composer as more people understand what a canny writer he is.” -- Myrna Daniels, LA JAZZ SCENE
“Always sly and cool, yet passionate as a vocalist, his wonderfully compelling, distinctively vivid lyrics tell tales that are clever and witty one minute, lovelorn and heartbreaking the next. ‘Till I Get It Right’ does just that, adding another magical destination in the Wonderful World of Winkler.” -– Jonathan Widran, JAZZIZ
"If Mark Murphy is the reigning of king of vocal hipsterism, then Mark Winkler ranks directly behind Kurt Elling among heirs apparent." -- Christopher Loudon, JAZZ TIMES
Mark Winkler sets himself apart from other singers in that he is also capable of writing some clever and insightful lyrics, as he demonstrates on this cookin’ little album. Combining early Tom Waits and Kenny Rankin in attitude and delivery, yet with a hint of David Frishberg’s wit, Winkler sings about topics from self indulgent diets (“How Can That Make You Fat?”) to Truman Capote (“Sissies”) without breaking stride. Tunes like the title track, or the clever duet with Cheryl Bentyne (“Cool”) are the zenith of hip, while his lyrics and delivery on Joshua Redman’s “lowercase” is as musically advanced as anything by Kurt Elling. Excellent in delivery, with the timing of a closing relief pitcher, Winkler’s music is as timeless as Bass Weejuns. -- George Harris, JAZZ WEEKLY

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Mr. Z

1. Come On Home [mp3]
2. Miss Flora [mp3]
3. I'll Follow the Sun [mp3]
4. Moody's Mood For Love [mp3]
5. Thalassa (The Sea)
6. In Between Our Lives
7. Tell Me the Truth
8. Desafinado
9. Cuidado [mp3]
10. Estate (In Summer)
11. Four [mp3]

Generally recognized as the reigning master of bebop vocalese, Zaxariades is the musical and spiritual heir to the legacy of composer and singer Jon Hendricks. His album, "Mr. Z" features four original compositions, four different languages, and the Miles Davis composition "Four." We who listen are fortunate to be blessed with Zaxariades' music-making.

"Mr. Z should be known as Mr. Amazing. He's quite a performer!" -- LA JAZZ SCENE
"I consider Zaxariades my son , both spiritually and musically. There's no one better out there to carry on my legacy." -- JON HENDRICKS
"His names have been as varied as his career. Call him by his birth name, Zaxariades, or by the more truncated title on his new CD, "Mr. Z." Or call him Bruce Scott, the appellation he used during a lengthy acting career including a role in "Jesus Christ Superstar" and an appearance in the cult "Flesh Gordon" movies. But the words that kept coming to mind during his electrifying performance have less to do with labels than with astonishment over the range, diversity and depth of his performing skills." -- Don Heckman, LOS ANGELES TIMES
"Zaxariades brings back the unforgettable vocalese flavor that few singers can manage as well. He promises to remain a vibrant part of the jazz scene for many years to come." -- Jim Santella, LA JAZZ SCENE
"A jazz singer who is really on top of his material is hard to beat! That’s Zaxariades, a superb vocalist/guitarist with a clear distinctive vocal range of a BillyEckstine/Johnny Ray, especially on the incredible Lennon/Mc Cartney ballad. “I’ll Follow The Sun.” Then with a command that Mark Murphy and Giacomo Gates can muster, the Z-man nails with only a bass accompaniment King Pleasure’s “Moody’s Mood For Love,” bops to Jon Hendricks “Come On Home,” “Tell Me The Truth,” and Miles Davis' “Four.” Zaxariades also lends his own ballads, “Thalassa" and “In Between Our Lives,” with a rare quality of a Jon Lucuien. Then an original, “Cuidado,” a Samba/ bop romance. “Estate,” a warm Italian romance, and finally Miles Davis's “Four,” with lyrics by Jon Hendricks. Zaxariades is one of those rare accomplished jazz vocalists who says: “Listen, if you haven’t yet...cause I’ve been here all along.” -- Dick Crockett, "THE VOICE." 88.7 SACRAMENTO